Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Very Thoughtful Friend

T, my 4 year old son, woke up this morning , got himself out of bed and came to my room to wake me up. The first thing he said to me was " Do you see my tears? I am sad because I miss K." K is a boy that was in T's preschool class, who had to suddenly move out of state mid-year. I asked T if he wanted to cuddle with me under the covers, and he did. I offered my sympathy to him and suggested calling K or writing him. T really liked this idea and as soon as I get K's new number we will call him.

I didn't really think it would bother T so much K leaving. They had only had a couple of play dates and only spent half a year together at school. That amount of time to a preschooler is apparently enough time to become BFF's. When K's mom let everyone know they were moving, the class started making plans to meet up with K for a field trip; He is only moving an hour and a half away. I was indifferent to the whole thing. I don't have much in common with K's mother and I figured T had other friends to play with. I know, I am a cold bitch sometimes, but I am not the mother who feels like she has to be friends with every other mom. I figured they were moving and we, unfortunate as it was, wouldn't see them again.

Well, now I know it means more to T than I thought. So I will go on the field trip for T's sake. Because I might be a bitch,but I am not without feeling!

T is really such a nice and caring boy( get out the violins) (or wine), he mostly takes after his father. If I get mad at him and yell or send him to a time out, he will cry and say things like "You really hurt my feewings mama" And this does break my heart so I don't do a lot of yelling or punishing of him. He also behaves pretty well unless tired or ill so I don't need to do a lot of punishing. The same can be said of my husband.

I received a wonderful glowing report on T at my first parent teacher conference this year. This is a copy of his first report card in his second year of preschool...

T is a bleeding heart liberal, always ready and willing to help out the underdog. For example: Just the other day he accidentally overheard me badmouthing his friend P. I was saying to my hus "Boy, P was a real pain in the ass today; He didn't listen to a word I said!" T was right there, behind me, and he said " He is NOT, HE is a GOOD Boy!" He also frequently comes to the defense of his sister when we pick on her. The same sister who goal in life is to torture him.

By no means is T an angel all the time, but I do so much complaining about my kids (like right now I could tell you that he is standing here, right next to me, asking over and over when it will be his turn on the computer, and I find this quite fucking annoying!) I thought I should do some praising

Finally, My Turn!


Anonymous said...

What a great report card!

That's awesome that he's such a compassionate little guy...it'll serve him well one day, I'm sure. But I do know how it is...sometimes you've just gotta complain!

Suzy said...

If I had just learned those words, "You've really hurt my feewings Mama" I might have learned to express that as an adult.

FWIW, you've given (my future husband) T a real leg up in life.

Family Adventure said...

Awwww....you are just a softie. Beneath all that tough talk and all :)

Your little boy sounds adorable (and what a report card!). I'm glad you are going on that field trip with him! He'll have fun (even if you won't so much...I hate field trips, myselt, but I go...)


Anonymous said...

Awwww - a thoughtful friend. I hope he stays that way as he gets older. Have fun on the field trip (ha!).

MereCat said...

That compassion is priceless. I hope he never outgrows it. What a wonderful little guy!

Karen MEG said...

T is a real sweetheart, and an awesome friend. And don't be down on yourself just because you don't necessarily click with all the moms of your kids' friends. People are people, KWIM? And you're a great mom, going on that field trip and all (LOL!).
I'm the grouch in my family too.

Anonymous said...

What a little sweetheart, he will make a fantastic man someday. He is going to be a great husband and father, and that's something to smile about. Be tender with his little feewings!! Little boys are the best.

Gina said...

He sounds like an absolute darling!

Anne said...

Wow. Sounds like there is something here to be learned from your son.