Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye Bush!

Don't let the country hit you in the ass on the way out.

I don't normally write about political things, but I just had to today. I am very happy and hopeful now that the country is heading in the right direction.

This morning T got into bed with me and said "I am glad Bawk Obama(still working on his sweech)is president. You said we would have to move to a different country if McCain won."

Yes, I did say that. I was really scared.

T also asked, while we were watching a show on past presidents last night, " Who was the first president?"

"George Washington"we all replied.

He then asked "Well, when was George CLOONEY president?"


Anonymous said...

George Clooney as president is definitely somewhere I want to live!!!!!

Anonymous said...

While I live in Australia, I too had hoped that Obama would become President, as I could see his entrance into the Oval Office as a wonderful new step in the direction of a great country. How America is as a country affects us Australian's too and after George Bush's attempt at running the country, I can say that you NEEDED change desperately! So congratulations. I hope that he turns out to be more than what everyone expects of him.

And Yes, George Clooney as President? Well I guess that if that was to occur, I would just have to trade countries!

Surcie said...

Hey, Heidi! What a smart kid. George Clooney is president of all sexy actors. Did you hear that he's going to make one last ER appearance? They better not be yanking my chain.

Ma said...

Funny - as W's helicopter lifted off from the White House, I also said to myself ""Bye George, and don't let the door hit you in the ass." Your version is much more poetic.

The only way I want to see George Clooney as president is if I am first lady. Enough with the visionary stuff - let's get down to what we really want.