Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miscellaneous Manure Pt. 6

I ended up spending a lot of time on my adoption on Monday and of course getting no where. I left messages for the person who I know was adopted through the same lawyer as me, but he hasn't called back yet. Maybe I don't have the right number or he doesn't remember me, it has been over 20 years since we've seen each other. Or maybe he thinks I'm crazy. I was careful not to use the "A" word (adoption) in messages. Even though I know this person knows they were adopted. Touchy subject nonetheless. I also sent my info to a private investigator for a free quote, but have not heard from them either. And I registered at a few more adoption registry sites.

Now I have another reason I put this search off. It take soooo much freaken time!

School was cancelled today because of the snow. We all stayed inside, nice and warm and did lazy but fun stuff together. I made a delicious brunch, sorry if pic makes you hungry. Those are chocolate chip pancakes in case you were drooling, I mean wondering. We also played Wii, made home-made Valentine cards and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

Speaking of cookies, as of last Wednesday, I have lost 14.8 pounds on Weight Watchers. I think I have lost more but didn't go weigh in today because of the weather.

Hus has a black eye. He hit himself in the head with a metal pipe at work. Okay, it's not that funny! He was stripping wire and somehow pulled and the pipe out and it came out faster than expected and hit him just above and to the right of his right eye. Poor Hus. Then the very same day, he lost his wallet. He was at Stewarts buying milk, left and went to get gas and realized his wallet was missing! He went back to Stewarts and of course it was gone. When he got home, I called and cancelled his Visa and JCPenney card. Luckily there was only about $20 cash in it. About 2 hours later that night, the police called and said someone had dropped off his wallet claiming they had found it in the parking lot of Stewarts, minus the cash. Poor Hus.

Thanks for all of your kind comments and emails regarding my last post. I'll update if and when I get more news.


Suzy said...

There is NOTHING worse than losing a wallet. I had mine stolen twice in NY and now I guard it like a newborn.

WillThink4Wine said...

I wish you luck on your adoption search... my parents divorced when I was a baby. My biological father gave up his parental rights. I was adopted by my Dad, her 2nd husband, when I was 2... you wouldn't believe what hoops I had to jump through to get the courts to unseal my file just so I could get a copy of my original Birth Certificate. I knew his name and was merely curious!

I kinda understand your frustration with your mother. Even today my mother can't have a normal, honest, rational conversation with me about this - and I'm 54 now! Good Grief. Big Hug.

MereCat said...

Fifteen pounds! You are rockin'! Awesome.

Violet said...

your poor hubby!