Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Miscellaneous Manure Pt. 8

How come Subway is supposed to be healthier than McDonald's, but after you eat a Subway sub, your hands smell like you ate a McDonald's burger? E and I ate Subway turkey subs in between softball practice and dance classes the other night. While I waited for E to be done with dance, I had to go to McDonald's to wash my hands to rid them of the smell!

I'm tired and a little depressed lately. It could be due to change in weather. One day last week it was 96F at noon, then 54F at 6:30PM. It could also be from lack of sleep or lack of drinking alcohol. I'm on the run too much to even enjoy a glass of wine with supper.

Hus has accused me of not saving money. He is a great saver and I spend almost every cent I make. Believe me, though, this money doesn't go to anything fancy. I spend it on groceries, kids clothes, doctor bills, etc. I do however allow myself to spend what remains after bills on luxuries like cheap wine or new curtains etc. Perhaps even a cute pink purse from TJ Max.
I started a retirement savings through work last year to add to my pension. I lost more than I put in. However, I realized, last week when I did my bills, that I do save money. How? Well, for the last 15 years I have rounded up my checkbook balance. I never round down. So I figured it out, and I probably have at least $1000 more in my checking than my checkbook balance says.
By being lazy, I have become a saver. HA!

I have free Showtime for three months on my Satellite dish because I am a "Loyal Customer". There hasn't been anything worth watching until the other night. I came home from work at midnight and flipped around and was very excited to find that Saw 1v was on! I figured I would just watch it for a few minutes then do some reading. Well, it was sooo gory and scary and of course really really dumb, I couldn't tear myself away. I even had to watch it through the spaces between my fingers at times. I watched the whole thing. I reprimanded myself for wasting time! Then I was scared to open the door to let the cats in and I had nightmares. I guess that explains my lack of sleep for one night.


BabyonBored said...

I don't like the Subway smell either. I think it has to do with onions. I think a lot of bad things in life have to do with onions. I guess it would be safe to say I don't like onions.

Oh, be aware, I have some pics that may end up on Facebook very very soon. Be afraid. Hee hee.

darsden said...

YeHaw..we gotta new name...Love IT We didn't have a spring we just sprung right into summer and we are not getting any rain...(except for the few sprinkles yesterday)
Tell hubby how much it would really cost if you didn't go to TJ max who does save a lot of money! I do the same thing with my check book, always round it up. (I was able to save 3000 doing that and have a beautiful new flat screen to show for my math problems...LOL)

barb said...

I could never round up or down in a check book. I will spend hours looking for thirteen cents. It drives me nuts to be out of balance. It's the administrator in me. It has to be right.

Liken that to perhaps rounding up or rounding down the meds in a syringe when you give meds to your patients. You just couldn't do it, right?

Re: your new blog name... I'm totally bummed out, I was really pulling for the manure. It's SO you! hahaha!

Michel said...

Sheesh! I almost didn't read your blog b/c I was like...what the? when did I follow this??

Thank God I did...because I have an opinion to share (I know you are thankful too)


I've got people to tell!

Michel said...

Manure moments has its charm...

Suzy said...

Rounding up your checkbook is positively genius. Now I just need to get a job.

Anonymous said...

I used to love scary movies but haven't watched in years b/c apparently I have grown up in to a great big chicken.

Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi, I just want to give you a super duper big HUG, you need it. We all get down, all of us, but I think you need to slow down and get some more rest. Here is hoping you get to drink more cheap wine!!

You are so darn adorable, The Saw movie?? Gee I feel honored that you chose my Heidi's Notes, he he!
Anyhoo take care and I mean it!!!

Ann's Rants said...

Thanks for stopping by, and then cha-CHING, following my blog!

Congrats on your publication. I'm just dipping a toe in that world as well and it feels purty darn good.

See you around bloggyville!

Hit 40 said...

Nothing on showtime!!!!!!!!!! Are you CRAZY!!! WEEDS and DEXTER!!!

Oh... please try one of each and write back! Both shows are my reason to live in the fall.

darsden said...

Hit 40- I love me some weeds.. I so miss U turn... I hated when he got snuffed. I don't have the show time channel...just get the seasons. :-)

Anonymous said...


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