Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sake and Dance

E had her non-dress dance rehearsal last evening. Tonight is a dress rehearsal. Some of the bad mom's, including me, sat in the back of the auditorium sipping alcoholic beverages and making fun of... that would be mean.

E did really well.

I recently finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha and watching the movie. I am now just a little bit obsessed with Japanese culture.

"Hus, could you plant some cherry tree's for me? Do they grow in Vermont?"

I have never tried Sake before so I bought some today while at the grocery store. Since it was a grocery store, they only had one type, of course made in California.

Don't worry, the rehearsals take almost 4 hours, so a little drink at the start in no way impairs me for very long. Unfortunately I have to drive.


Anonymous said...

Read "Love Walked In" by Marisa de los Santos. I just finished the second (but not exactly a sequel) "Belong to Me" and I found them to be quite lovely!

Michel said...

you know what else is good, if you heat that shit up!! I'm not kidding. When it is hot, it rocks. (of course it rocks more after about 3 of the little cups, but still).

chicamom85 said...

I love that movie, my daughter is also obsessed with all things Japanese.


Suzy said...

I told you you would like it. The movie wasn't as good, was it?

barb said...

I had real sake... it was just awful. Blech!

alison said...

I loved that book!

One time a bunch of us had a Japanese dinner and watched my friend's slides from her trip to Japan. We had a blast, we had sushi and terriyaki and lots and lots of saki. We drank it hot. And there's a rule that you aren't supposed to pour your own cup of saki, someone else has to do it, and you say 'dozo' either as a thank you or to ask, I can't remember. Mind you, after a couple of cups of saki, I couldn't remember much anyway, except that I had a good time.

And I was considering making a mom's wine schedule for soccer games this summer to go along with the freezies/fruit schedule for the kids' games. Is that wrong?

Karen MEG said...

Oh my, hot saki is to DIE for :)!