Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hater's Not Welcome

Warning: Controversial post following.
This morning E, my 11 year old daughter, woke me up by telling me she thought she saw a "white figure" standing outside her window. I jumped out of bed and looked outside my window then ran to her room to check, but there was no one there.
She said she wasn't sure if there really was a person there, stating that it looked like a "tall white figure" that disappeared around the corner of the house. Hmmm.
E informed me that she was IMing her girlfriend(something she is not supposed to do while I am sleeping) and that, said girlfriend told her to "grab something sharp and go look for him" WHAT?!!! (I knew I shouldn't have let them watch Charmed and Buffy with me on the last sleepover)
Luckily E did not follow this advice.

Later in the afternoon we saw a person on our porch. T, my 5 year old son, ran outside yelling "Papa!"
I shouted "NO, get back in here!" He did, but not before he ran smack into the middle age woman who was standing there.
No one ever comes here, except, well you know.
The woman said "I'm here to invite you to a seminar" and she thrust a sheet of paper toward me.
"So, what religion are you here representing?" I asked. "Religion A or religion B?"
The woman quietly answered "Religion B". Sneaky how they won't just come right out and tell you.
I'm sure all of you clever readers know which religion she was referring to. I'm not going to write the name here because I don't want google alert to find me, heh heh.
I was highly annoyed. "We love everyone here(not really everyone), your religion preaches hatred and intolerance and you are not welcome here"
She dropped the paper and scurried off to catch it.
"You should look into the hatred your religion teaches!" and I slammed the door.
I usually don't react that angrily with those people but I am sick of them showing up at my door every couple of weeks, PREACHING HATRED.
I ran to the look out of the front window. Damn it! Every time they come here they park their car diagonally behind my car, blocking any escape.
They even did that once when we were actually in the car.
I'm sure they are taught by the higher up haters to do this.
Okay, end of bitching.
I realized after she left that on the kitchen table were the shirts we had just finished tie dying. Great "we love everyone", I'm sure we were just brushed out of her mind as crazy hippies. Well, I like hippies!
As for the "white figure", Hus and I checked out the surrounding mud and woods later and didn't find any sure evidence of anyone walking back there. I hope it was just her imagination.


chicamom85 said...

Wow what a day.


Suzy said...

I have NO idea who the haters are. Email me the religion so I can avoid them too.

p.s. religion isn't allowed in L.A.

barb said...

Creepy white figure stuff. You can set up a separate login so E can't access certain things on the computer without you entering a password. Actually, there are any number of ways to do it, until she is mature enough.

On the door-to-door church people thing, just for fun, you can make up your own fliers and have them ready to hand out to them when they dare cross your threshold again! :-D

PS - Suzy - Religion isn't allowed in L.A.? Isn't L.A. still part of the USA?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you get so many of those types repeatedly. Can you post a "No Trespassing for Haters" sign? I say good for you for standing up to her and speaking your mind.

Amy said...

This is where having a big scary, hairy dog comes in handy. And of course, he is shedding now,so he looks mangey. When they came here last week he barked like mad and when she stepped out of the car I made sure she knew her life was in peril from my "mean dog". She got in the car and they drove off FAST. I even let the dog chase the car down the drive. They probably won't be back anytime soon!

Misty said...

Scary to the max.
I vote big dog, or at least a little vicious one.

And now...I want to move to L.A. Imagine allll the peeople, living for today...

MereCat said...

i'm always confused by religions that preach hatred. It's simply a contradiction in terms. I'm glad your hippie self told them to buzz off.

Lainey-Paney said...

I don't know who the Haters are either.
I can actually think of quite a few sects that...well...
...moving on.

But tell me---who are the haters???