Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pneumonia Again

Poor T, my six year old son, has pneumonia again. This time they think it is Mycoplasma Pneumonia, otherwise known as "Walking Pneumonia". He started Monday night with a runny nose then woke up Tuesday with a wet cough but didn't feel feverish so he went to school. When he came home his cough was even worse and he had a low grade fever. I listened to his lungs and did hear some wheezes and other abnormal sounds. I encouraged rest and fluids and planned to take him to the doctors today, Wednesday.

He spent the night on the couch with me, coughing and having feverish nightmares. His temp was only as high as 102 and thankfully he agreed to take Ibuprofen. (last spring when he had Pneumococcal Pneumonia his fever was as high as 106!)

Today he looked a little better but his lungs still sounded bad. His temp was almost down to normal too.

The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner checked him out and gave him two nebulizer breathing treatments and because they didn't do much good, also had a chest Xray done. I wondered out loud if three chest Xrays were bad in one year for a 6 year old. The NP was more concerned that if we didn't do one and just treated him like an asthmatic with a virus with steroids and breathing treatments he might get worse. After she checked him out she had our usual doc check him out too which I thought was nice of my doc to take the time to do. But so far after three years of going to her, she is still the best doctor we've ever had.

I know better than to argue if I am told my child needs antibiotics as they are not frequently ordered anymore. On the other hand I am not sure I want him to have the steroids she prescribed. I know it will help his wheezes, but steroids, I just don' t know if he really needs them.

T was a great kid through the whole four hours at the office and I treated him to renting two movies and ice cream. Of course I got ice cream for myself too.

So, WTF, why did he get pneumonia again? I mean he does his best to wash his hands, as best as a six year old can do, when reminded.

Hope you and yours are feeling well.


darsden said...

Oh bless his lil heart sure hope he if feeling better real soon. I suffered as a child with that...which as an adult that went through it so much as a kid. I have a lot of trouble during the "season" I do my best to stock up and just hide from others during the "season" I have to say the flu shots and pneumonia shots have really helped.

Suzy said...

Oh my poor T!! I've had walking pneumonia and you get all that gross stuff in your lungs. But now that I've read your post, I THINK I'VE GOT WHAT T HAS. asthmatic with a virus. Because I've been wheezing since November. Tell him I have it so he won't feel so alone in his misery.

Ann's Rants said...

Argh. Nothing more stressful than sick kids.

Get well soon, T!!

Anonymous said...

Seems too early in the season to be so sick. Blech. Hope he's better soon!

barb said...

Poor little guy. I sure hope it passes quickly. You're the nurse, so beats me on the steroids.

otin said...

Sometimes there seems to just be a single disease that kids will get easy. Mine was strep throat, I got it constantly!

Ma said...

Oh sweetie - it's just the worst when someone you love gets sick and you can't just wave a magic wand and say "Shazam! You're cured" Hope T is on the rebound by now - I think I would not worry so much about a short course of low-dose steroids, and with antibiotics it sure does beat down those airway symptoms caused by inflammation better than anything. Moderation in all things.

I have lots of experience with taking very occasional, HUGE doses of steroids. And look what it's done for me!

Amy said...

Hey Heidi - There is lots of Pneumonia in our area lately. Jenny's daughter Margaret, Paul, and I think I heard about at 2 more in FH or out my way. Yuck... I sure hope T is starting to feel better now.


Hit 40 said...

Your poor child. I would rather be sick any day than my kids.

I hope he is feeling better now!!!