Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Alison from Party of 3!

I had to pick a winner randomly because I still don't have any news from the PI. I emailed her and told her I was beginning to panic, like 3-50 times a day, worried that I might never find my bio family. The PI emailed me back and told me that my case might take as long as 6-9 months, although she hoped not as long. She also told me not to worry, they had leads, just nothing confirmed yet. Ya, me not worry. What is my Xanax for?

Back to the winner. Alison is a mother of 2 girls so she probably has a lot of pics that can go in the pink and green scrapbook. Hopefully they will enjoy the Vermont treats too.

Now I get to mail something out of the country; I've never done that.


WillThink4Wine said...

Don't dispair, finding someone is so very doable nowadays!

alison said...

It must be very nerve-wracking to have to wait. I hope you learn something soon.

And YAY! I'm so glad I came up in the random pick! I'm sure that Leah (aka Craftzilla) will have lots of fun helping me to scrapbook. Thanks very much. I'll email you my address now.