Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Come On Down!!!

Your the next contestant on The Price is Right!

Back a few weeks ago Hus was home sick for over a week. He missed 5 days of work. He hasn't missed that much work in the past 20 years. He was sick with every symptom imaginable. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, cough, back ache, neck ache and on and on.
Hus is only home rarely during the day Monday-Friday, for example on a holiday. When he is home he loves to watch The Price is Right. I am home everyday in the morning hours and I NEVER watch that show.
One of these sick mornings, Hus was in the living room chair holding the puke bucket on his lap and watching TV. T was home sick too and he and I were taking a nap. Suddenly Hus called out to me "Heidi, Heidi, your cousin is on The Price is right!"
I jumped, I mean used all my strength to pull my extremely tired ass up out of bed and went into the living room to see what he was yelling about.
"My cousin? Which cousin?" and I looked at Hus.
"Not your cousin, your EX-HUSBAND!" Hus laughs and points to the TV.
Now, while I have kept my eye out for my ex over the last 16 years whenever I've watched the show "Cops", I never expected to see him on a different TV show. HA. There he was, practically exactly like I remember him, right down to the poor excuse of a goatee he was always trying to grow even 16 years ago. He will never have enough hair on his face to pull one off. And there he was making bad deals like he always did and ending up losing. Well, he did win a lamp and $150 worth of Bayer products!
Hus and I laughed, talked about how strange it was that he happened to be watching this very episode. Weird. I went back to bed.
So what does that mean? Does it mean something for me or for Hus? Or is it just a coincidence? Maybe it just gave me something to blog about.
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Suzy said...

Dr. Weiss says there are no coincidences in life so maybe it helped for you to see you got out in time. Closure.

Anonymous said...

That's hilariously bizarre! We watch TPIR often, actually, sometimes Tivo'ing it, b/c it is so fun to make fun of the ridiculous people on there. I wonder if I saw your ex on there.

Kate The Great said...

Oh my gosh! that is hysterical!

Anonymous said...

omg! how completely weird!! isn't it funny how some people never seem to change while others grow and develop in ways they've never imagined!
and it was good to read that your hubby was able to laugh with you through his nausea-induced haze!! said...

LOL, what are the odds of that? It's kinda freaky, hmmmmm, I wonder what this means? Maybe you will run into him in the near future, what do you think?

Your goods are on the way, yipeeee!!

Lainey-Paney said...

Oh, that's funny.

reminds me of the time that I saw Hubby on a commercial for the "girls gone wild" video.
i wish i were kidding.

let's just say that he was at mardi gras with a dear old friend on his shoulders and...well, she was earning beads.

yes, that was odd to be sitting there with my spouse saying, "holy sh*t! that's you!!!"

Zip n Tizzy said...

That's hilarious!

You have your choice between 2 doors:

Behind 1 - The man who spends his time wheelin' and dealin' and always losin'.

Behind the other - The man who only misses work on the rare occassion that he's truly too sick to move.

You chose the winner!!!


Anonymous said...

That must have been so weird!