Monday, March 30, 2009

What's In Your Chair?

Back in October, T lost his Gameboy. It was a hand-me-down from E, as she was given a Nintendo DS on her last birthday. He played with it everyday and even brought it with him on the school bus. When it got lost, we looked everywhere. We even (only to ourselves) accused the older boys on the bus of stealing it from T, as he let anyone borrow it who asked.
We gave up ever finding it. For Hanukka, Grandma gave him his own Nintendo DS. T played it everyday, but we wouldn't let him take it on the bus. One day he came to me crying that he lost his Nintendo. Once again we searched the house from top to bottom with no luck. I remembered seeing him play it the day before, so it HAD to be in the house. WTF?!
Hus came home from work and decided to look for himself. Well, being that he is big and strong, he decided for some strange reason to take the LR chair and place it on its back. I rolled my eyes having already checked under the chair and in its cushions.
Well, surprise, Hus found a hole in the lining of the chair which created a secret pocket for anything to fall in from the side of the cushion.

Here's what we found...

Hair brush
Plastic sandwich bag
2 pencils
Sesame Street DVD
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS game
Chocolate chip

What's the weirdest thing you found in your furniture?


Shelly Overlook said...

Too bad there weren't gold nuggets in there, too! That's sort of funny!

Lainey-Paney said...

Holy Crapola!

I bet T was just sooooo happy!

Suzy said...

I got a leather chair off of one of my sister's neighbors. One day I looked under the cushions and there were a lot of coins. Felt like a tiny Xmas.

willthink4wine said...

I found 2 pennies the other day! That's about it since no one ever sits in my chair and I never put anything in my pockets.

intricatelycomplex said...

lol - too funny! i'll bet the next time someone loses something, that'll be the first place you look!!
I once found our cat in the bottom of the couch... seriously!! Unbeknownst to us, the cats had tore open the lining in the bottom of the couch and decided that it was a good place to sleep. We were spring cleaning one day and moved the couch over on its end to clean under it and out sprang our cat!

Stephanie said...

LOL, I love your stories Heidi, they crack me up!! I only usually find pens, and crap like paper and dust sooooo boring.

The angel on my little button girl is actually a stamp bought from Micheals, and I added some colour to her cheeks. It says on the side of the stamp, Tin Can Mail, made by inkadinkado, I hope that helps.

Go for it, get your paws into that loft space before hubby claims it for something else, ha ha!!

You should get your package any day, I shipped it priority and they said max 7 days, yipee!!

Kate The Great said...

we had a brown recliner once that our 20 pound cat could hide in! You would run around saying where is the cat and then he'd suddenly appear out of this chair, or you'd sit on him...

alison said...

The TV remote control went missing for weeks. I have an old recliner chair that used to vibrate (a massaging chair) that we got when I was pregnant. The motor long since died, but there is a flap of fabric on the back of the chair that is secured by velcro from which you can access the motor. The remote control had been lost down the back of the chair and had fallen down into the mechanism. One day Rachel was playing and found the flap and ripped open the velcro. Out fell the remote.

Ma said...

My husband...