Monday, March 09, 2009

Miscellaneous Manure Pt. 7

T returned to school on Thursday to a standing ovation from his fellow kindergartners. I spent Thursday in the ER with Hus because after 5 days of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, fever etc, he was really dehydrated and I was really worried. They gave him fluids and anti-nausea medicine. They also did a CT scan of his head because he had a swollen right eye and they suspected a sinus infection. After 6.5 hours we went home with a prescription for antibiotics and anti-nausea medicine. I took him to the closest hospital instead of the one I work at, because I wasn't sure what they would find or if they would admit him. I was pleased that all the nurses were really nice. I apologized to them ahead of time for being a nurse and hopefully not their worst nightmare as a patients family member. I tried really hard not to speak for my husband but that didn't work very well.

Friday afternoon I got a call from work asking me if I wanted to stay home that evening because they weren't busy. HA! After being home the previous 6 days taking care of sick family, I needed to get out of the house to take care of sick people I didn't care about! At least I would get paid. Of course when I got to work, we were really busy and I kept wishing I had stayed home and taken a nap or something.

Everyone went back to work and school today, thank goodness. Not to try and make anyone feel sorry for ME, but having sick people home all day really screwed up MY routine. I know, I am selfish.

Contest Update: I haven't heard any news from the PI group. I am beginning to worry that my case may be too difficult to solve. I am going to email them tomorrow to see what's up. Either way I will pick a winner on March 31st.

WW Update: As of last Wednesday I have lost 19.4lbs. Yay me!


♥ Braja said...

19.4lbs? Are you still THERE?

Suzy said...

20 pounds, ALWAYS round up!

amber said...

i agree. you are not selfish. i have been housebound the past two days with a sick child and possibly a third....he is not up yet. i am going stir crazy and paranoid that it is something worse. so don't be hard on yourself. you are not alone. miss you.

MereCat said...

Twenty pounds! Good gracious! You are awesome.