Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Games and Names

"Did you spray my blanket with air freshener?" I asked this to my husband over the phone one afternoon. His answer "What?! Why would you ask that? I gotta get back to work(snort)."

Hus has a thing about smells. He would put an automatic continuous air freshener in every room and hallway in the house if I would let him. I prefer to smell nothing and extreme smells like onions or cheap perfume irritate my nose and eyes.
Hus tried for a while to hide plug in air fresheners in inconspicuous outlets, like behind the couch or behind the shelves in the hall, but my nose always found them. Each time I found one I would unplug it. In the morning he would plug it back in. Finally one day I took them all and hid them. But as a compromise I bought him one of the kind that only spray when someone walks by. With it, I gave him the scent of apples and cinnamon. He was thrilled and put it together right away.
That thing smelled worse than any other scent that had the pleasure of burning my nose hairs off! I threw the insert away.
Next I tried lavender, without any hope of it not smelling like cheap perfume, but to my surprise, I actually like the smell. However, I only allow it to be used in the bathroom. So if you come over to my house and use my toilet you will hear a strange squirting noise when you sit down. Perfect.
One night though, I picked up my favorite blanket, the one I scrunch up and use under my neck to support it while I read at night" What is that smell?" I wondered. I sniffed the blanket again and again. "AIR FRESHENER!, SON OF A BITCH, he got me!"
Another game my Hus likes to play, he does when I am home and 'on call' for work. Usually work will put me on call until 7pm. They can call right up to 7 and ask me to come in. Hus loves to call me from his cell phone at 6:59 and when I pick up the phone, devastated by the prospect of having to go to work, yells "SUCKER!". He thinks he is sooo funny.

Here are some suggestions for a new name for my blog. Some are from family(mostly my daughter E) and some I received via email from you.

-Sleepy in Vermont
-Miscellaneous Manure ( title of one of my recurrent posts)
-Mama Overslept (Hus's idea)
-Heidi's Notes
-Short but Cute (E's favorite)
-Do I Look Familiar (also a recurrent title when I write about my adoption search)

What do you think?


darsden said...

LOL at the games...I have a very sensitive nose like you. That stuff gives me migraines.

The names oh my they are all good. Lets see my favs in order
2 1 6 5 4 3
hard choice

darsden said...

yea I am diggin No. 2... LOL

Suzy said...

Heidi's Notes

Suzy said...

Now I like Notes from Vermont. No Heidi.

barb said...

I use air neutralizers. Fabreeze has one I love - it's vanilla and lavender, I believe. My mother tried those plug-in ones when they moved in with me, but I won't allow them in the house. They have been blamed for house fires. So "No, thanks" to that!

I can't quite put my finger on it but somehow Miscellaneous Manure has quite an air to it.

darsden said...

oooooh I like what Suzy has come up with too...Notes from Vermont

thumbs up Suzy!

darsden said...

but...I do like No. 2 also... I KNow I am giving you a bunch of crap today...LOL (re:#2) ;-)

Stephanie said...

I like sleepy in Vermont and Mama overslept, they are so cute. Too funny about T calling you at 6:59, little stinker!!

Michel said...

I might be related to your hubby.

We had two large dogs in the house and I was always terrified that our house would smell like dogs (you know, you've been to one of those houses) So I would clean, vacuum and put air fresheners up constantly.

Not sure why, no one ever came over....but just in case!!!

I also like Notes from Vermont.

intricatelycomplex said...

I think that Notes From a Sleepy Mama has a nice ring to it...
I also like Notes from Vermont.
Like Darsden said, hard choice!

Shelly Overlook said...

I like Sleepy in Vermont.

Those automatic air freshener squirty things freak me out.

Kate The Great said...

Miscellaneous Manure sounds good to me...

Don't husbands crack you up... they think they are so funny when they really aren't...

alissasanderson said...

your Hus is so funny :-)

I'm likin' Short but Cute. it's very original!

Lainey-Paney said...

I'm sorry---but your husband sounds like a riot!

joanna said...

How about "That's Not My Name"? My favorite from the list is "Do I look Familiar?"

Sorry I haven't kept up to date with your blog... I'll have a marathon read soon.

Vodka Mom said...

i love the names!
I may need to find one of my own....

Vodka Mom said...

Misc. Manure. for sure.

Karen MEG said...

Heidi, you and your hus are hilarious! Your games, well, at least it's keeping your marriage fun in some way isn't it?

I only recently started trying some plus in air fresheners, as generally as rule I don't like to use them. But when you husband comes home and says ... "It smells like ass in here" I guess you should do something about it. Oh, and I somehow managed to get some free. My husband would love to spray the whole house over with Febreze if he could find a spray big enough.

Misc. Manure has a grittier ring to it; Notes from Vermont is nice though...

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