Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's All Rainbows and Mold Here

If I see another rainbow, someone is going to pay! Most likely the people who live with me.

It's rained everyday for the last 12 days here according to the news from Burlington. I don't live near Burlington and I think it has been raining here daily longer than that. If it's not raining then it is cloudy. The sun peeks through the clouds, playing some mean game of hide and seek with us poor wet folks.

Oh and what beautiful rainbows! NOT! I mean they are beautiful,at first, then they just remind you that it was just raining and will surely rain again, in a minute!

It's damp and I fear mold is taking over everything around me including my brain. Did I mention that it is cold too. We've had highs of 65F and lows of 55F. Yay!

I'm also tired of all the joking going on about the weather.

"Hey, how ya doin?"
"Good, so suprised it's finally raining out."
"Ya, we could use it, it's been so dry."

BAAWAAHAAAAHAHAA! (Nervous laughter)

I took these photo's before the novelty wore off.



Suzy said...

We need rain so much. Why does it always go to the wrong place?

chicamom85 said...

Lol! I am sorry, I understand, too bad it doesn't get evened out more.


darsden said...

ooooh I love rainbows, send the rain on down here we are way under. Had a lil need a lot...LOL

Don't hate the rainbow .. Feel the rainbow... be the rainbow :-))


Anonymous said...

Sorry Captain Soggy Pants!

MereCat said...

The weather joke I hate is this, "You know what they say about (insert name of any town at all in the whole wide world here.) If you don't like the weather here, just wait five minutes. Ahh ha ha!"

Those pictures are fantastic. I was all, "oohh look at the pretty rainbows, la!" Then you hit me with technicolor trash talk. I loved it!