Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love/Sex Child Couple # 1

When I was younger, and even now, like the other night when the fam and I came up with this couple, I used to fantasise about who my parents might be. Sometimes I would imagine having famous parents, other times I was sure my schizophrenic aunt was my mother.

Couple # 1
Sally Field and Gene Wilder


= Me

Pretty brown eyes, nice smile, short stature(exactly the same height as me) + curly hair, awesome sense of humor = ME!
Just in case you are new here, I am kidding.


darsden said...

LOL omgoodness ...glad you told me you were kidding... the flying nun not sooo bad...but genes eyes...would give me nightmares..

MereCat said...

that's awesome! I love that! Those are two beautiful and extraordinarily talented people. You must be incredible. I knew it!

barb said...

Dr. Frankenstein is your Dad? OMG! bwahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is fan-freaking-tastic!!

Suzy said...

That's a good game to play. I have my bio parents and I would still trade them although one is dead so that might be a difficult swap.

Ann's Rants said...

I forgot about this piece of childhood--the one where you are desperate for anyone to be your parents rather than the ones you perceive as the geekiest, lamest, most annoying of all time--yours.

Very funny post.

Karen MEG said...

Heidi, you're a riot! What a power couple that would be!

Can't wait for #2 LOL!

Ma said...

Norma Rae and Willy Wonka? Her smile and his eyes? Who could do better than that???? Never mind the real-life parents. I think you have a much better idea here.