Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Sounds 9 or Would You Like an Hors d'oeuvre With That Sweat?

Me: We have to go to Northern Lights, just one more time, PLEASE!

Hus: Why? That placed is a death trap. No.

Me: But Social Distortion is playing there! Mike Ness, you like Mike and the current drummer played for The Offspring. You LOVE them. OOH and you know Social D will do Ring of Fire, Please! I've always wanted to see them. I may have seen them in the '80's but I can't remember.

Hus: Social D will draw a huge crowd. Don't you remember how bad that place was the last time we went there. It was raining sweat-other peoples sweat-from the exposed pipes on the ceiling. Gross.

Me: It's probably been fixed up since the fire. Remember when you were young and adventurous and going to a club like that was fun. Maybe we could bring an umbrella or wear a rain poncho. PLEASE!

Hus: Do you remember how hot it was in there. You don't do well in the heat. And you have to walk a mile to get to the ladies room.

Me: Ya, but... I have a Social D t-shirt!

Hus: That you bought at JC Penney!

Me: No, I bought my Red Hot Chili Pepper's T there; I got Social D's at Rockin Willy's.

Hus: Not going.

Me: But PLEASE! Do it for you father? He loved Johnny Cash. (low blow)

Hus: No.

Me:How bout I do something nice for you after the show?(low blow) You know how concerts turn me on, remember after Joan Jett?

Hus: No, well maybe.

Me: You know I didn't try to get you to go to see Green Day with me because the tickets were $150+ and I don't believe that a true Punk Rock band would ever charge that much (and now I change the station when Green Day is playing-but that's for another Sat Sounds) so guess how much these tickets are... $25, So cheap for a REAL Punk Rock band. PLEASE!

Hus: Maybe.

Me: Hey, remember the time my mother babysat while we went to a show there, and she asked if they served hors d'oeuvres?

Hus: BAWAhahahahahahaaha!!!

Okay, so Mike looks a little crazy in the vid,but he's supposed to. Maybe he just needs a little less eye liner.
I can't wait to see the show!

Poor Hus.


Zip n Tizzy said...


Have a great time!

Wishing 4 One said...

LOL at your mothers comment. Have fun and I am sure your husband is so looking forward to going.

otin said...

I love the Offspring! They used to be a hardcore band years ago, didn't they? Are you an Alice in Chains fan?

Stephanie said...

No man can resist the 'low blow' hehe, way to go girl have fun. I'm impressed, they are good!!

Suzy said...

The low blow always works.

Poor Heidi.

Hit 40 said...

Going to a rock concert always makes me feel young and alive!! Good memories.

Enjoy! I will be impressed if you can still play after the concert LMAO!!! Promises promises!!!

barb said...

So you talked him into it, right? Good girl!

MereCat said...

oh that looks fun! But hors d'oevres? I would hope not. I bet they would be really gross.