Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I hate to make excuses for why I haven't been able to visit blogs lately, especially when it has to do with poop. Heaven forbid I should talk about POOP in my blog! Well, we've all had the stomach bug. First T, then Hus, then E, and finally me, damn it. I was also working more than usual and sleeping less than usual last week too, so I could have a week off. Well, now I do and I paid for it, hopefully in full.

We are off tomorrow to NJ to visit the fam for Passover. Grandma isn't going to make it this year because of her work. Guess I didn't need that Xanax prescription after all. Yeah, right.

We'll be back on Saturday, just in time to spend Easter with Hus's fam.

I'll try to visit from NJ in between stuffing my face with delicious holiday food and wine. Hope the bug hasn't gotten to you! Or the Metamuscicles!


Anonymous said...

have a great easter!!

MereCat said...

what's with all the poop talk all of a sudden? I guess the new blog topic is poop. i'm in. could talk about it all day long.

happy easter sweetie!

Suzy said...

Happy Easter. And just because Crabby Appleton won't be around, TAKE THE XANAX ANYWAY.

Suzy said...

merecat, start talking. And have you been to Boss O's blog? She's had a bit of a setback.