Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Would Rather Have a Pap Smear

I would rather have a Pap Smear than have my teeth cleaned. Seriously. No, I have never had a traumatic experience with a dentist, that I remember. My teeth are just very very very sensitive.
Even though I have a wonderful dentist, Dr. Fred, who gives me nitrous oxide and prescriptions for anti-anxiety meds, the last few cleanings I had were much like torture to me. No matter how many pills I would take before the cleaning, or how high I would be on the gas, it just hurt sooooo bad. I waited way longer than the usual 6 months between appointments.
I finally had my cleaning appointment yesterday. I took my meds, had Hus drive me to the office of course, only this time I asked for Novocaine too. Dr. Fred, I could tell under his mask, smiled and said "Novocaine too? Okay, let's give her the whole package".
First he turned on the gas, then numbed my gums with a numbing paste, and injected them with the Novocaine. Wow, what a difference. The time flew by and I had hardly any discomfort at all. Usually I make an attempt to jump out of the chair every few seconds, Dr. Fred commenting "Look, her feet fly up every time it hurts."

I was even able to listen to what Dr. Fred was saying to me.

Dr. Fred: So, how is the husbands gardening going? Any horse radish yet?
Me: Ih go goo, uh huh , ooo ah ohh? (It's going good, uh huh, you want some?)
Dr. Fred: Never mind, she's totally out of it.
Me: Ih aa ahh, ooohh aah oorrr ahn ih yy ouuhh!! (I am not, you have your hand in my mouth!!!)

The first time I met Dr. Fred he told me one of the reasons he liked being a dentist instead of a doctor was because he could do all the talking!


Anonymous said...

LOL what a great post and thanks for the big time laugh!!

There is something about the dentist that brings a grown man to his knees, and scares the shit out of most people. Glad to hear you were plenty drugged up!!

WillThink4Wine said...

LOL! That's a lot of "stuff" for a cleaning - what do you get if you need a filling?

MereCat said...

That's hilarious. I like him.

TwinMamaLinda said...

I feel the same way!
Who is this Dr Fred???? My mean dentist does nothing of the above. I had to go to my primary to get the ativan for the crown!