Monday, April 27, 2009

Keepsake Boxes

Every Passover the kids and I travel to visit my family in NJ. The littlest cousins exchange gifts,usually a toy or game. This year I decided to get them something special and I bought these wonderful keepsake boxes for the girls made by Stephanie and sold on her Etsy site Crafty Lolly. The one pictured is my daughter E's. Unfortunately, probably due to my drinking too much Passover wine, I didn't get pictures of the two boxes I gave to my cousins. Let's just say that the youngest one, I'll call her Princess A, loved hers. She carried it around with her all evening collecting discarded ribbons and anything pretty or shiny she could find, and placing them inside her box. Stephanie also personalized the box for the oldest girl, since she is not a princess type at all, but more of a softball playing, gonna be an astronaut someday, girl.
Check out the incredible details...
We were surprised to find that even the inside of the boxes were decorated.
And because I am extra special, at least she made me feel that way, Stephanie sent me this gorgeous lanyard made with my favorite colors. (Isn't my uniform top cute?)
You can also visit Stephanie at her blog Crafty Lolly. So, go now and visit!


Suzy said...

Lovely boxes and lovely top. Did a doctor hacksaw off your head?

Michel said...

Dude! I'd totally wear that top!

darsden said...

Those are cool and love the inside done too. I have done that too, worked hard on a crafty projects to give away and forget to take pictures. Makes me so mad...cuz most of the time I can't remember how I did it. I am still trying to come up with another name.. I think I need more to go on!

Damn Suzy you are funny...!


barb said...

I think I may start wearing scrubs to work. As I had my morning coffee on vacation, I watched as my sister get ready for work several days. Different scrubs every day, but always comfy scrubs.

Of course, she's actually an RN, but hey, anyone can buy scrubs, right?

BTW, she works in the Med Surg ward, too/