Thursday, November 01, 2007

Harry and Hairy

I really hope I don't forget to post one day in November, here is my first Nablopomo post.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. We had wonderful warm weather, perfect for trick-or-treating. We drove to a friends house from then next town over, because if we stayed in our town we would have to drive from house to house. Some do that, but I love to walk house to house especially in great weather.

Our friends dressed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter and a Voodoo Mama complete with Voodoo dolls and pins. E and I dressed up as Hippies, T was the cutest Harry Potter EVER, and Hus refused to dress up, as usual. My husband didn't have a great experience with Halloween growing up. He lived in the country, the baby of 6 kids, his mom didn't drive and his dad was too busy (drinking) to drive him. He said his older brothers and sisters took him into town once but that was it. I am glad he is wiling to come with us trick-or-treating and aside from refusing to wear a costume, he was in good spirits last night.

I have to say that the candy wasn't great, we mostly got Smarties and Tootsie Rolls, very little chocolate. WTH! Not one Snickers mini or Three Musketeer, my favorites. I guess that could also be considered good, because all the less for mama to eat.

One of the houses that always goes to the extreme of decorating and partying on Halloween was serving some adult treats besides candy. They had Jello shots and chili! I missed those because T was too scared to go to that house. They had a fake autopsy happening on the picnic table and smoke machines. He also freaked just a little when kids or adults had on scary masks, and would stand behind me for protection. I probably would have declined the Jello because even though there was little traffic in the streets I had to keep my wits about me and make sure the little ones didn't run into the road without looking.

My hus usually says "no" when I ask if I can post pics of the kids. I asked about the following pic and he said "OK". Maybe he got sick of me asking or he thought the costumes made the kids unrecognizable. I might remove them tomorrow. So look while you can. He had noooo problem showing my hairy hippie leg!

Mama's Hairy Hippie Leg

Harry and Hippie


Gina said...

Too cute!

And hey, my legs look like that all the time!

Lainey-Paney said...

OMG. You have to post a picture of yourself in your WHOLE costume. i simply MUST see it!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute. You are right--he's the most adorable Harry Potter ever!

I want to see your costume, too!

hellomelissa said...

cute babies! i'm glad you were allowed to show them off. was e a hippie on rollerskates?!

Family Adventure said...

Woo-hoo! We saw the kids! And they are SUPER CUTE!! :)

And I second Gina...I seem to recognize those hairy legs, too :)


Kellan said...

Jello shots - now that's a fun Halloween! Cute pictures - I'm relieved it's over - I'm tired. See ya.

Sara said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time! As far as posting photos, I'm with hubby on this one. I just posted something about it on my journal.

They are cute though! :D

Karen MEG said...

Your kids are so cute, no wonder you've been bugging hubby to post pics!
Nice legs, shame about the hair- hah!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable kidlets!!! I will remove the image from my brain just in case Hubby changes his mind.