Sunday, November 04, 2007

Natural Nails?

As you may or may not have read yesterday, I went on a shopping trip with my nine year old daughter E. I should tell you all that I LOVE SHOPPING! I have always loved to shop, clothes shop, furniture shop, grocery shop, cold medicine shop, you name it, I will enjoy shopping for it. I don't shop over my budget, so I guess I am not a shopaholic, but I am a spender. Fortunately my husband is a great saver and very frugal with his income.
First we met up with grandma at my favorite mall. I brought along my Xanax with me which I take for anxiety, but promised my husband I would only take it if I reeaaaallly needed it and if I wasn't going to drive for a while. So as soon as I saw my mother I excused myself to the ladies room and took it! There are many reasons why I have this anxiety around my mother, but truthfully, after a short time with her, you would be begging me for some.
Mom treated us to lunch then let me shop all by myself while she took E with her. Wow, a whole hour of shopping by myself. I didn't mention that I took T's stroller with me in the mall, lots of people looked into it expecting to see a baby, what? Well, I hadn't been shopping in a mall in a very long time and was planning on buying a lot of stuff. As if I am going to carry my packages around or keep walking back to my van to drop them off. HUMPH! I was on a time constraint people.
One hour all by myself so I rush off to H&M, adrenaline pumping, I just know I am going to find exactly what I am looking hour later, I found lots of cute shirts, a hat, gloves, knee high socks, for T and E. But what about Mama? I did find a cute pair of pants but that's it. So I rush out of the store and tried to make it to some shoe stores because I obviously needed to buy a pair of boots to go with these new pants. No luck. As I walked through the mall a strange thing kept happening. Every 10 stores or so a good looking man with a British accent would stop me and ask if I "wore my nails natural?" HUH? I was rushing, I said "Of course I do, I am a nurse, I have to" then he/they would start to look at my hands. How embarrassing, I quickly hid my ugly, natural nails as to not offend, and I quickly ran off. I guess these guys were trying to sell a new nail product. But I have no time to blog, I mean shop, so I rushed to the meeting place to meet E and grandma,Target. For sure I could find at least a new winter coat or boots or shirt to go with the new pants, well, a little luck happened and I found a shirt and these 'above the knee' tights that would go perfect under the new pants, then I could just wear my ballet slippers with the pants. See, the pants are those cuffed, just 'below the knee' wool plaid pants, sooo cute but would look very cute with high cut boots. I know this because I watch fashion shows on The Today Show. Can you tell my thoughts were getting a wee bit manic by that time?
In the hour it took me to buy one pair of pants, E had bought two shirts, jammies, shoes and a gift for a baby shower we went to today! Bitch! I was able to shop a little more by myself in Target and got my own baby gifts.
The reason I had to rush off, was because I had to meet my dad and his girlfriend at Costco, our usual meeting place, at 3 pm. I love the underwear at Costco, don't look at this blog like that, they are good sturdy underwear, perfect for everyday use. I also drooled over the lap top computers......bought printer ink refills, a DVD for hus with a bunch of great stand-up comedian acts on it, drooled over the entire collection of hard cover Harry Potter books.....
Dad treated us to dinner at The Hometown Buffet, perfect for kids and overweight moms like me. Then we walked to Khols, where I found the perfect winter coat, it was a Vera Wang, black with an embroidered design, perfect length, and 25% off! I took it off the hanger and suddenly realized, it had SHORT SLEEVES! WTH! I have seen these cute but ridiculous coats on TV, but I think I would look really funny in one, dead of winter, 20 below....So I put it back.
On our way to Khols I noticed this store sign.

Ain't it the truth!


Family Adventure said...

Ha, ha! Love the sign! That's classic.

Sounds like you did very well. I love the description of those pants, and agree that boots would look sharp with them. You'll have to keep looking, although flats will work, too.

Not entirely sure about the Costco underwear, but I'll take your word for it. ;)


Gina said...

I've got natural nails as well, although they are long-ish. But they break all the time and are sort of all different lengths. I've never had a manicure.

And, nothing wrong 'tall with the undies at Costco!

Does anybody wear the lacy stuff every day? Cuz I don't know anyone that does.

Alissa said...

I'm glad you didn't buy the short sleeved winter coat :-)

Not only are my nails natural, they're bitten way, way down. I have very ugly hands. I finally just showed them to one of those guys once and they left me alone after that.

Glad you had a fun day!

Kellan said...

So funny and FUN! I also love to shop. I also used to take my kids' stroller with me to haul all the stuff! This was a cute post (the mother reference cracked me up) - see ya.

Anna said...

Ooohhh, solo shopping...I need a does of that!

And love the barn photo!

Shelly Overlook said...

This entry sort of wore me out while reading it. What a whirlwind you were!

Short-sleeved winter coat? Whatever!

What exactly are above the knee tights?

I like Costco undies, too. You can't be a sex goddess every day of your life, right?

Karen MEG said...

Brilliant post! I love to shop too; and honestly, when I bought a new stroller for the girlie last year, I bought a honkin' huge one with a basket that drops down!!! So I can fill it up whenever we got grocery/ I mean mall, shopping :)
Some of those fake nails are quite awesome, but I stick to natural. As I'm always washing my hands (girlie's not quite 100% potty trained) so the fake nails would likely fall off!

hellomelissa said...

i am a drive-by shopper. i never go to the mall. i get all befuddled. i was there today and had to get out before my head spun off of my neck.